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What is Truthology?

Truthology is a project to teach, encourage and inspire young people to investigate and pursue truth with a particular focus on the Biblical truth claims of Christianity. It uses a 4-dimensional approach:

Dimension 1: Whole Schools Events. Truthology presents assemblies, puts together gospel musical shows, organises debates and can create other whole school events to meet the needs of a particular school.

Dimension 2: Taught Lessons. Students are presented with exciting, multi-sensory, interactive workshop/lessons where they investigate ultimate questions such as ‘what is truth and reality?’, ‘what is justice?’, ‘what is morality?’, ‘what is the meaning of life?’, ‘who did Jesus claim to be?’ and ‘what is the nature of man?’. These lessons have been designed to map with key stage 3,4 and 5 syllabi.

Dimension 3: Truthology Club. This club can be held either at lunch times or after schools and allows for a deeper investigation of the Biblical Truth claims mainly through Bible Study. Once the club is established, students are encouraged to take ownership of the club.

Dimension 4: Local Events. Truthology organises local events in partnership with local churches that young people from across Hackney can be part of.

Vision Statement

"To clearly communicate central Biblical truth claims to young people in an innovative and creative manner and to equip Christian young people to passionately serve Jesus and others".

The Truthology Team

The Truthology team is organised by Rowina Balcombe, a trained RE and ICT teacher who has been teaching in schools in London and Jamaica for over 5 years. Team members include mainly volunteers from local churches. All team members are CRB checked.

How to invite Truthology into a school

Please contact Truthology at info@truthology.co.uk or call Rowina on 0777 967 4346.

Who is behind Truthology?

Truthology is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Docklands and Calvary Chapel South London and is a ministry partner of the n:flame trust.

And then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32)