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Truthology works in collaboration with local churches and depends on local churches to function. There are a few key ways local churches can get involved:

The Altar or the Door

'The Altar or the Door' is a curriculum developed by truthology specifically for church youth groups. The curriculum is suitable for both born again youth and youth that have a basic understanding of Christianity but have perhaps not yet made a full commitment to Christ.

The vision of 'the Altar or the Door' is: To communicate the gospel and calling of Jesus Christ in a clear and thorough manner so as to encourage unsaved, churched young people to turn to Christ for salvation and saved young people to fully submit their lives to Godís will and live boldly for Him.

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GAP year

Each year we look to take on one or more GAP year students to help full time with the ministry in Hackney. The GAP year students are placed in local churches where they will become an active member of the congregation. Through supporting the GAP year program, local churches can become directly involved in the communication of the gospel message to Hackney youth as well as have someone to help support their own youth program. Truthology partners with n:flame to run the GAP year program. There are a number of ways a local church can be involved with the GAP year program:

  1. Taking on a GAP year student. We are looking for local churches that will take a GAP year student under their wing as well as find a place for them to be housed and fed for the year. The Gap year student will have a third of their time in the week available to work directly with the youth in your church or in another area of ministry.
  2. Supporting a GAP year student. Perhaps there is no one in your church who could house a GAP year student but as a church you would like to contribute to financially supporting a GAP year student.
  3. Sending a GAP year student You may have a few young people in mind in your congregation who you think might really be ready to serve God for a year through Truthology. If so please put them in touch with us!
  4. Becoming a GAP year student. Why not work with Truthology among the secondary schools in Hackney? Challenging, stimulating and stretching - the n:flame/truthology GAP year gives you the opportunity serve in local schools and also to help spread the gospel amongst London teenagers in many other environments and to see young lives transformed by Jesus. You would learn to teach quality lessons and assemblies as well as working close up with teenagers in lunchtime clubs and prayer cells. There would be various ministry opportunities outside of schools and you would go on mission trips in the UK and abroad as well as the regular events in North and East London. Your placement would be with an East London church where you would become part of their worshipping community.

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We always need faithful believers to pray for the work of Truthology. Interested members of the congregation can be put on the Truthology mailing list to receive regular prayer updates.


If you would like to get involved with any of the work or truthology, please contact us!

And then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32)