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What is 'the Altar or the Door'?

'The Altar or the Door' is a curriculum developed by truthology specifically for church youth groups. The curriculum has been designed to deepen a young personís understanding of the gospel. Moreover, the sessions encourage a young person to count the cost of following Jesus and consider if they really know the Lord personally. Furthermore, the curriculum focuses on the denial of self, repentance and the full submission to Godís will that Jesus asks for those who choose to follow Him. The curriculum is suitable for both born again youth and youth that have a basic understanding of Christianity but have perhaps not yet made a full commitment to Christ.

Session 1: The raw gospel. This session explores the seriousness of sin and Godís judgment against sin. Moreover, young people are shown the impossibility of us saving ourselves through good works or good intentions. Jesusí death on the cross is delved into as well as the power of His resurrection and the hope we can now have if we are born again.

Session 2: Do you know Him? This session allows young people to investigate what the Bible teaches about true conversion and allows the young person to consider in the light of scripture if they really know Christ.

Session 3: Pick up your cross. This session focuses on Jesusí calling for us to pick up our cross and follow Him and asks young people to consider what true submission to Godís will looks like and what the cost of full submission can be.

Session 4: To live is Christ and to die is gain. This session explores what it means to live for Christ in such a way as that we can say and mean ďto live is Christ and to die is gainĒ.

Vision of the Altar or the Door

"To communicate the gospel and calling of Jesus Christ in a clear and thorough manner so as to encourage unsaved, churched young people to turn to Christ for salvation and saved young people to fully submit their lives to Godís will and live boldly for Him."

How to invite Truthology into a youth group to teach The Altar or the Door...

Please contact Truthology at info@truthology.co.uk or call Rowina on 0777 967 4346.

Where is 'The Altar Or The Door' already running?

28th Feb - 11th April, NT Church of God, Hackney. Front of flyer, Back of flyer.

And then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32)